I have never met anyone more organized than my Nashville accountant. Of course, I always knew that accountants in Nashville had to be organized in order to do quality work. Organization not only helps when you handle multiple clients with many different situations, but it also makes my Nashville accountant much faster in each task on her to-do list. In fact, she said the more organized she gets, the less stressful her days are, even during tax season. Here are a few more tips my accountant in Nashville gave me to help me since I do my own books.

The Nashville accountant said to be prepared because getting organized to do your books and create a system that works for you can be very time-consuming. She said the first part is all about finding a program to do your books with, and then get yourself familiar with it. Next you'll need to start plugging in numbers and information that you have collected from physical receipts and other files. Once you've filled in the information, you'll have to find a place, such as a filing cabinet, to label and file the documents.

My accountant in Nashville said it’s a good rule to keep the hard copies for as many as seven years. Some people only keep hard copies for two years, but many people like having the peace of mind that they can go back to hard copies for beyond that time frame. And it's nice to have a backup of financial information. While we would like to think that technology and computer software will never fail us, there are times when systems crash, we lose passwords, and other obstacles can get in our way. 

While accountants in Nashville each have different methods of keeping their workspace organized, mine told me to pay attention to how cluttered my desk is. She said that not only can that make my bookkeeping tasks take longer, but it can cause me to push back doing the job because it's distracting. My Nashville accountant told me to pay attention to the items I have displayed my desk. She made an excellent point that there were items people keep on their desks that they honestly don't use anymore. If you find that you don't use your stapler except once a month, then you should find a different place to store office items like that. The clearer your desk, the clearer your mind will be when looking at the numbers.

Finally, my accountant in Nashville told me that organization takes a lot of work and that I shouldn't let myself get behind. She said when I put bookkeeping on the schedule that I need to stick with it. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially if your starting point is already behind schedule. But by taking fifteen minutes a day to get started, you'll gradually begin to see your books take form. Once you're completely caught up, then you can make a plan for maintaining your books.

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